10th Medical Regiment


The 10th Medical Regiment (10MEDRGT) provides professional medical and mental health support to the Maryland National Guard and strengthens Maryland communities by augmenting the state's physical and mental health infrastructure. During natural or man-made disasters the 10MEDRGT provides emergency surge capacity support to civil authorities as directed by the Governor through the State Adjutant General. The 10th's motto is "Health Support in Adversity."


The 10th Medical Regiment (a unit designation linking it to its historic WWII state guard roots) is engaged in a range of public health initiatives at the local, state, national and international levels.

In 2005, the 10MEDRGT was registered with the Office of the Surgeon General as an official Medical Reserve Corps unit. Later, after the unit's stellar service in the Katrina disaster, the U.S. Surgeon General honored the 10MEDRGT with a unit citation.

On 30 August 2005 the Adjutant General authorized Special Order 05-01 commanding the 10MEDRGT to support Operation Lifeline Depot in Louisiana during the Katrina disaster. The MDDF led task force, comprising more than 200 health professionals, eventually treated over 6,500 patients in five abandoned facilities in Jefferson Parish LA.

The 10th's service to Maryland and Nation was recently extended to the international sphere. In July 2006 five MDDF physicians and one dentist were involved in a groundbreaking four-week medical relief effort in Bosnia. This was a joint mission involving the MDDF, the Air National Guard and the Bosnian army. The goal was to supply basic medical care to people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The MDDF will be involved in Bosnia relief efforts for the long term.

In addition to integrated training with civil authorities, the 10MEDRGT is providing important clinical support to the Maryland National Guard by "providing back-fill for physicians, dentists and mid-level provider's who are deployed or on training missions and (2), by serving as medical readiness assets for mobile support teams, labs, immunizations, latent TB screening, and post-deployment assessments..." (COL Eric Allely, Maryland State Surgeon, 2006).


The 10th Medical Regiment is currently training allied health professionals, paraprofessionals and lay-volunteers in a range of activities:

  • Advanced Disaster Life Support
  • Basic Disaster Life Support
  • First Aide
  • Mass prophylaxis
  • Mass triage
  • Medical Logistics
  • Mental Health Support to the National Guard
  • Patient Administration
  • Website development
  • Shelter Management
  • Victim Tracking and much more

The MDDF 10MEDRGT is involved in numerous planning initiatives with the National Guard and many other state and local civil authorities to form training and service opportunities that allow participants stellar opportunities to excel and grow.

Join Us

The 10 MEDRGT is looking for: Administrative Assistants, Dentists, EMTs, Health Educators, Managers, Medical Social Workers, Medical Technicians, Morticians, Nurses, Nurses Aides, Nursing Home Administrators, Occupations Therapists, Optometrists, Paramedics, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Sanitary Engineers, Shelter Managers, Veterinarians, Veterinary Assistants, and more.

Most of our volunteers are busy professionals. Many do not have the time for a monthly meeting. In fact, 80% of our members are on back-up status. As such, they obligate themselves to attend one Saturday Annual Muster Drill in April (unless excused); are encouraged to attend quarterly trainings, and are invited to all other activities, which they may or may not attend depending on the personal schedules.

Other volunteers have more time and choose an active status. They are typically interested in Regimental leadership roles. They are expected to attend one meeting a month on average, although a few desire to put in much more time. No matter who you are, or how much time you have, 10MEDRGT has a role for you! Come grow with us.