Maryland Defense Force 121st Engineer Regiment

121st Engineer Regiment RDI

Brigadier General (MD) James Coleman, Commanding General, MDDF
COL (MD) Juday, Unit Commander, MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment

From the Unit Commander

Welcome to the Maryland Defense Force (MDDF) 121st Engineer Regiment Website. We are proud of our organization, our accomplishments, and our fellow Soldiers who volunteer their services in direct support of the State of Maryland and its citizens. The MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment is an agency of the Maryland Military Department, and we are actively looking for professionals in the areas of construction, facility management, architecture and engineering to join this strong team of service.

By joining this group of motivated professionals, you will be in a position to provide critical force multiplier services to the other branches of the Maryland Military Department including both the Army and Air National Guard. Additionally, during times of Maryland State Emergency, the MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment provides a ready and capable force to render engineering and construction service support to the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, through damage assessments and other critical support for our fellow Marylanders.

Members of the 121st Engineer Regiment are uniformed and receive on-going training to sharpen their technical, construction, and management skills. MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment members will also have the opportunity to receive disaster preparation, response, and recovery training provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If you are interested in serving your State and its citizens, in a large or small way, in this motivated, professional, and dedicated organization, please visit the MDDF web site ( and fill out an online application. If you want a challenging and rewarding experience, the MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment may be just what you have been looking for.


Steven A. Arndt, Ph.D., P.E.
Lieutenant Colonel, MDDF
Commander, 121st Engineer Regiment


The Maryland Defense Force 121st Engineer Regiment provides a professional organized, trained, discipline uniformed rapid response volunteer force of engineers of all disciplines to assist the Maryland Military Department, state and local government agencies, and civil relief organizations in response to any impending or actual emergency. The 121st Engineer Regiment is a Unit within the Maryland Defense Force. The MDDF is 1 of the 4 pillars of the Maryland Military Department which also includes the Maryland Army National Guard (MDARNG), the Maryland Air National Guard (MDANG), and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment Guidon

The mission of the 121st Engineer Regiment consists of inspection and assessment of MDARNG facilities. Other mission support areas consists of internal engineer support to the MDDF, disaster assessment after a natural or manmade incident and the assessment of critical infrastructure prior to a disaster. The Maryland Defense Force 121st Engineer Regiment with the current staffing of personnel have two operational units, with one of these units focused on the technical engineering side while the other operational unit is construction focused.

To support the MDARNG as well as MEMA, an engineering unit has been established known as the Maryland Emergency Engineering Response Team (MEERT). This unit consists of a bull pen of graduate engineers with the vast majority being licensed Maryland professional engineers.


An organization of excellence
dedicated to defend and serve
the Nation, State, and Communities
within Maryland.

MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment Photo


Integrity First
Service Before Self
Excellence In All We Do


The 121st Engineer Regiment has not only graduate engineers with expertise in mechanical, structural, electrical, architectural, facility, and civil engineering, but experienced and are recrutiing personnel with exceptional expertise in:

  • Construction methods
  • Safety and management
  • Design and management
  • Building renovations
  • Construction support

The MDDF 121st Engineer Regiment are also recruiting experienced Liaison Officers to coordinate with the MDARNG and MEMA during natural or manmade disasters.


Merson Building

Design and management of the renovations of the Merson Building at the Pikesville Military Reservation for use as the headquarters for the Maryland Defense Force.

Commissioning of the Maryland Defense Force 121st Engineer Regiment after three years of successful MDARNG Installation Status Report (ISR) inspections