Maryland Defense Force Band

Brigadier General (MDDF) Brian Kelm, Commanding General, MDDF
Lieutenant Colonel (MDDF) Jari Villanueva, Commander and Conductor, MDDF BAND

"Maryland's Musical Ambassadors"

"I think you have the sharpest, the best, the most highly performing band that I’ve ever heard in any military service."

-The Honorable Martin O'Malley, Governor of Maryland

"This is a unit that has great growth potential and can help fill the growing demand for military music in Maryland as well as being a high-profile recruiting force for MDDF."

-Major General James Adkins, The Adjutant General for Maryland

Photo of the MDDF Band
MDDF Band, In Concert

Who are we?

The Maryland Defense Force Band is a uniformed organization of volunteers which represents and provides musical support for the Maryland Defense Force, provides back up support for the 229th Army Band, and provides supplemental professional musical support to the Maryland Military Department (MMD) and the Maryland National Guard (MDNG) as required.


The mission of the Maryland Defense Force Band is to enhance community relations, general recruitment, and troop morale. Its goal is to communicate the mission of the Maryland Defense Force and the duties it performs for the Maryland Military Department.


The Maryland Defense Force Band:

  • Provides music for military ceremonies, concerts and other appropriate occasions as may be directed by the Commanding General (CG).
  • Provides background music for official receptions and ceremonies as may be directed by the CG.
  • Participates in functions in support of the Maryland Defense Force (MDDF).
  • Participates in special events and music programs designed to support the mission of the Maryland Defense Force.