MDDF 10th Medical Regiment Supports MDANG

By MAJ (MDDF) Stephen Rice
4 March 2017

For more than four years, the Maryland Defense Force’s (MDDF) 10th Medical Regiment has provided ongoing medical support to the 175th Wing of the Maryland Air National Guard (MDANG). Working with the 175th Medical Group at their Warfield Air National Guard headquarters, members of the 10th Medical Regiment provide medical support for the 175th Wing’s operations, cyberspace, maintenance, mission support, comptroller and civil engineering units. The MDDF personnel supporting the 175th Wing include a physician assistant, nurses and physical therapists.

“I was reluctant at first but the MDDF has provided really qualified personnel that over the years have been a tremendous asset to the 175th Medical Group,” said Col. Marvin Nielsen who serves as the Maryland State Air Surgeon. He continued, “I was initially worried about the rotation effect where the MDDF might send different people each drill weekend who would then have to be oriented. However, the MDDF personnel detailed to the MDANG have been regular participants at our drills and we’ve really enjoyed having them around.”

Col. Timothy D. Stevens, commander of the 175th Medical Group added, “I came to Maryland from Kansas and I had no concept of the MDDF. On my first day, we had a field training exercise with elements of the Maryland Army National Guard (MDARNG), the Maryland Air National Guard and the Maryland Defense Force. The MDDF medical personnel were actually educating the army and air staff. The MDDF professionals were more seasoned and their practical training of the 175th Medical Group staff continues to be extremely valuable.”

Col. (MDDF) Nikki Austin, commander of the MDDF’s 10th Medical Regiment commented, “The dedication of the MDDF team to the 175th is a model for the integration of health professionals in support of the MDNG. The team frequently drills with the MDNG and also attends the 10th Medical Regiment drills as well. This takes an extraordinary commitment to service.” Current MDDF staff supporting the 175th Medical Group include registered nurses Maj. (MDDF) Rosemary Critzer and Capt. (MDDF) Evelyn Kloos, and physical therapist 1st Lt. (MDDF) JoAnn Shapiro.

Col. Stevens continued, “The MDDF medical personnel are an integral part of our team and they are definitely missed whenever they are not at Warfield (MDANG Air Base).” Brig. Gen. (MDDF) Lorenza Cooper, the commanding general of the MDDF added, “Our MDDF mission is to provide professional and technical support to the entire Maryland Military Department. I’m very proud of what the 10th Medical Regiment is doing in support of the Maryland Air National Guard. Their hard work helps us to successfully execute our overall mission.”

The Maryland Defense Force (MDDF) is the State’s uniformed volunteer military unit providing professional and technical assistance to the Maryland Military Department. Established in 1917, the MDDF consists of nearly 250 personnel who perform legal, engineering, finance, medical, chaplain, field support and ceremonial services for the State of Maryland. For more information: