Cavalry Troop A


To function in a ceremonial and public relations role for the Maryland Military Department as an aid in recruiting for the National Guard and the Maryland Defense Force.


Troop A was formed on January 8, 2004. Maryland has a rich history of cavalry units in America's wars. It sent horsemen to General Washington's army in the Revolution. In the Civil War, Maryland sent units to armies on both sides of the struggle, and the Confederate cavalry units from the State became some of the finest troops in the Army of Northern Virginia.


Troop members attend unit training assembly’s (UTA), throughout the year or participate in parades or ceremonies as requested. A typical training assembly consists of mounted cavalry drill, equitation or skill-at-arms on horseback or dismounted drill and ceremony and basic military customs and courtesies.


Troop A is under the command of CPT (MD) Dave Roop. CPT (MD) Roop joined the troop in March 2009, became Deputy commander in September and assumed command from LTC (MD) Ron Roberts who formed the Troop in January 2004. Mr. Roberts accepted a Federal Commission and is now serving the United States Army Reserve. For more information on the activities of the Troop please email CPT (MD) Roop at

Join Us

The first step in joining is to contact us by email and arrange a call or meeting with the Troop commander. If you would like to join the Troop you will be required to submit an MDDF application and requisite paperwork before being sworn into the Maryland Defense Force. As we are a completely volunteer unit, most troopers own their own horses and supply most of their own uniforms and equipment. The Troop 1st Sergeant will furnish uniform and equipment suppliers contact information to you. We are proud of our organization and to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of the State of Maryland.